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12 Houses Bellydance - Debbie and Natasha, Instructors

12 Houses Bellydance is a Bellydance Class taught in Grand Forks, ND by Debbie Jacklitch-Kuiken and Natasha Thomas.  Students of 12 Houses also perform in Quarterly Haflas hosted by 12 Houses and in local events throughout North Dakota.  Debbie and Natasha began teaching the 12 Houses Bellydance Class together in 2010.  Originally trained in Egyptian Style by Saroya of Atlanta, Natasha has been dancing since 2005, and Debbie since 2008.  Both instructors have attended workshops across the midwest, most recently the Duluth Raks Festival (Natasha) and Cassandra's Oasis Dance Camp (Debbie), adding Turkish, Lebanese, Bollywood, and even Persian and Burlesque styles to their collective repertoires. Attendees at 12 Houses Bellydance learn the histories of these individual styles, as well as the fun that can come from fusing two or three together and experimenting with more modern and tribal stylizations.  Classes currently meet at 12 Houses on 2017 Demers Ave in Grand Forks, ND - Wednesdays nights at 6:30pm.  Email us with questions or check out our Youtube and Facebook pages!

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State or Province:  North Dakota

Kari Bennett

In the spring of 2004, Kari began her journey into the amazing world of Middle Eastern dance. Tired of spending excessive amounts of time watching bad television on her living room couch, she took a friend up on her offer to check out a local Colorado Springs bellydance class taught by Zafia. Kari was hooked instantly and became a dedicated student of raqs sharqi (oriental dance). A few months later, magic happened - Zafia began teaching a tribal style class. Kari had been drawn to tribal after seeing videos of FatChanceBellyDance and attending a Domba! workshop in Evergreen, CO. The tribal class soon became "home" for her and its members her family. From that original group, Mizmar Madness was born. Until leaving Colorado in the fall of 2008, Kari was an active member of Mizmar Madness, the only professional tribal improvisation troupe in Colorado Springs.

Since that first class with Zafia, Kari has performed and taught both traditional and tribal style bellydance as well as attending a wide variety of workshops. In December 2008, Kari achieved a major dance goal by completing the FatChanceBellyDance General Skills Intensive (GSI) in Seattle. The GSI included 15 hours of instruction by Carolena Nericcio, the creator of American Tribal Style, and her dance partner Megha Gavin, the director of Devyani Dance Company. On the heels of this achievement, Kari had the great fortune to be asked to perform with the fabulous Tsingani/Danse du Ventre crew for two very special shows in California (Mythical Creatures in Hollywood and Tribal Fest 9 in Sebastopol).

In the spring of 2009, Kari relocated to Minot, ND, with her husband Charlie. She has been teaching again and loving every minute of it!

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State or Province:  North Dakota