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Our site has been up and running for a while now, but it needs more users!  We let it languish for quite some time because advertising has never been our strong suit, but we are committed to tidying it up and keeping it up.  It's absolutely usuable now, but you may notice changes over the next weeks as we upgrade and refine.  Please register, post events and come back again!  This is a FREE site--a great resource for bellydancers, and easy to use.  Pass it on!


Welcome to Shimmy America!  A Free, Continent-wide Bellydance Events Calendar for the United States and Canada, including bellydance shows, workshops, seminars, classes, and other functions--all styles of bellydance are welcome!  We also include drum circles and other events that are presenting some genre of Bellydance music.  We're just starting out!!  Please let your dancing and drumming friends know we're here--the more the merrier! 


Find your state or province in the dropdown or check the Master Calendars--See what's happening this month!


It's free to post events, but you do need to register.  Registering is fast and painless!  

shimmy america belly dance in leopard hipscarfShimmy America shows you bellydance events in both monthly grid form and in list fomat.  You can choose to view every event, or use the filter to show ONLY shows, workshops, haflas, drum circles, classes, etc.


Check out the profile page for Bellydancers, Drummers and other Musicians.  Please add yourself and/or your group to this list of bellydancers and musicians!  This is free advertising for you--tell everyone who you are, and you can add links to your own website!  This page has a search feature so you can find your favorite easily, or you can see only dancers and musicians in your state or province under each state dropdown.  


And even more!--We're getting lots of visitors from all over the world, and so we're adding other countries to our dropdown profile list of bellydancers and musicians!   Welcome to you all!  Currently we are running calendars for North America only, (and in English only because our French is not so good,) but check back because we'll be expanding!


It is our hope that Shimmy America's Master Calendar will help you draw a terrific crowd, find new and interesting workshops, follow your favorite dancers as they are performing around the continent, catch a fabulous Bellydance show in the city, find a drum circle, or just keep up on what's going on!


For more info, see our FYI page, and please add our link to your own site!  Thanks!

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